Inventory, Stock & Warehouse Management

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Warehouse and store management can be an overlooked organisational process however this function is essential in providing excellent customer service.

This program will allow the delegate to stay in touch with the latest cutting edge concepts in the warehousing and distribution field, allowing you to respond to the ever-changing operational demands created by an ever-expanding global market.

The delegate will learn how to implement practical methods for improving equipment selection, optimum warehouse/room layouts, and inventory control methodologies while immediately identify ways to apply these principles into their own specific work environment.


  • Eliminating waste activities
  • Reducing excess cost
  • Analyse warehouse operations
  • Evaluation procedures
  • Practical skills within the workplace
  • How to add value and improve customer service
  • Inventory management techniques


  • Learn how to improve current methodologies in services
  • Discover key areas of warehouse management and stock control
  • Evaluation techniques
  • Learn how to reduce costs and unnecessary activities
  • Improve customer service
  • Attain additional value within current processes
  • Reduce internal problems that limit performance

How This Helps Your Organisation?

  • Discover Key areas of operations within warehouse
  • How to use Key Performance Indicators as a form of measurement
  • Improvement in stock operations and service levels
  • Reduce cost and improve customer service
  • Gain competitive advantage

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Improved productivity at work and personally
  • Create a safer work environment
  • Reduce costs and improve service
  • Understand and deal with requests more efficiently
  • Improve career prospects

Course Structure

Warehouse Purpose
  • The functions of a warehouse
  • Where does warehousing fit into the supply chain
  • Warehousing Activity
  • Sorting and Storing Analysis
  • Receiving product process
  • Available storage options and assigning most suitable
  • Dispatching methodology
  • Assembly of the products
  • How to use the format of the room efficiently
  • Creating flow within the room
  • Discuss the types of warehouse/room layout available and their pros and cons
Product Categorization
  • Identifying product handling groupings
  • Throughput formatting
  • ABC Analysis
  • Supply and Demand analysis
  • 80/20 theory
  • The general structure of the warehouse
  • How to pick appropriate racks
  • How to pick appropriate fork lift vehicles
  • Implementation of Loading Bays
  • Timing of Operations
  • Operations Planning
  • Discuss the importance of warehouse layout and how to optimise
Loss Prevention & Security
  • Methods for reducing internal theft
  • Methods for reducing external theft
  • Prevention measure analysis
Creating Optimum Service
  • Identifying stakeholder objectives
  • Internal and External customers
  • The implications of a below average customer service
  • Reducing errors
  • Customer Service measurement techniques
Health & Safety Management
  • Risk Assessment methodology
  • Inspection methods
  • Task Assignment
  • Raising awareness within your team
Cost Analysis & Improving Productivity
  • Variable & Fixed cost analysis
  • Productivity Modelling
  • Performance Modelling
  • Setting productivity objectives
  • Setting cost objectives
  • How to implement Key Performance Indicators when measuring performance


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