PR Campaign Management & Planning

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


A continuously improving public relations strategy will help build public perception, improve reputation amongst chief stakeholders and drive strategic organisational change. Expertly planned PR campaigns can be used as a profitable method of altering public perception and increasing stakeholder value.

This expertly constructed program will implement a theoretical, practical and problem solving approach to the structure of specific PR campaigns. By designing the campaign strategy around the organisational objectives a strong reinforcement of key ideas and strategies can be implemented.

Delegates will develop the skills required to plan, design, cost, execute and evaluate effective campaign strategies using the wide range of PR media outputs available. Video examples and case studies are used throughout the program for clarity and practice.


  • Vast wealth of practical examples
  • Latest planning methodologies
  • Personalised coaching and constructive criticism
  • Implement your own personality and ideas into your content
  • ‘PR Take-away Toolkit’ to be used after course completion


Examine the different types of PR campaigns that have been created and their intended purpose
Develop a system to match PR campaign strategy with the objectives of the organisation
Measuring PR campaign results
Examine the different strategies across a wide range of PR campaigns and how the use of media and other channels were implemented
Measure risk associated with a PR campaign and how to deal with increased public and media examination
Evaluate your PR campaign in order to explain to your organisation its success and contribution towards the business

How This Helps Your Organization?

  • Utilise the potential of the organisations PR department
  • Experience increased revenue and reach business objectives through the use of wll executed campaigns
  • Enhance the organisations reputation and public perception
  • Identify risks before they arise

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Develop an effective methodology for communicating within the workplace
  • Create Action Plans for use in all aspects of your skill sets
  • Learn to sell your ideas to senior management
  • Evaluate your campaigns properly and communicate its results to your management to ensure you are efforts are recognised.
  • To build confidence and mastery through personal coaching and advice

Course Structure

Assuming Control at Work

  • Understanding the purpose of a task and it’s intended output
  • Internal and external customer services
  • Improve efficiency by looking at tasks logically
  • Implement high leverage activities to improve timescale
  • How to stay in control of your work through organisation and prioritisation
  • How to streamline office systems to improve efficiency
  • How to create an environment and culture that will improve office morale

Critical Administrative Skills

  • Look at ‘Mind Mapping’ techniques and it’s uses
  • Project management techniques for meeting tight deadlines
  • Planning methodologies – Introduction to Gannt chart
  • The fundamental principles of Right Brain/Left Brain theory
  • Problem solving techniques
  • How to arrive at a decision and the various decision making tools available to us
  • Meeting management and keeping concise, detailed minutes
  • How to deal with multiple managers and organise the workload

Communication Skills

  • What are the different styles of communication available to us?
  • How to be more assertive and get your point across
  • The best way to say ‘No’ without offending colleagues
  • Eradicate any discomfort caused when asserting yourself
  • Display confidence in your communication
  • Communication mistakes
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • Understanding body language and its role in communicating
  • Adjusting communication techniques in accordance to gender
  • How to deal with clashing personalities
  • Creating a healthy working relationship with senior managers

Professional Self-Development

  • How to improve your leadership skills
  • How to improve listening skills in order to fully understand the vision and requirements of the task at hand
  • Creating networks within the organisation
  • Learn how to plan an effective presentation
  • Learn how to deliver effective presentations with power and confidence
  • Eradicate public speaking anxiety
  • How to keep your audience’s attention and influence their opinion
  • How to give and receive constructive criticism


  • Understanding the root causes of stress
  • Relaxation techniques for keeping the mind and body sharp
  • Building your self-confidence
  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations
  • Understand the life cycle of stressful thinking
  • Understand the underlying principles of emotional intelligence
  • How to integrate emotional intelligence into the workplace
  • Methods for becoming more practical, self-aware and responsible


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