Hospitality & Event Management

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Due to increased competition in the current business environment there is now an increased focus on the practices that help achieve meeting business objectives, effective planning and making correct business decisions.

Therefore organisations begin to change their processes and methodologies in order to meet their goals and fulfil stakeholder expectations.

Business conferences and hospitality are designed to allow stakeholders the opportunity to understand the variety of key management methodologies, procedures and business processes being used by the organisation. These principles can also be applied to any work assignments that an employee may be dealing with.

This uniquely constructed program will present the methodologies for a variety of management techniques using a simplistic approach and provide a theoretical overview combined with practical activities in which the delegate can develop their knowledge and skills to manage more efficiently and be more effective within the work place.


  • Planning Management Fundamentals
  • Project & Performance Management Fundamentals
  • Implementing creativity
  • Effective Inter-personal skills
  • Decision Making Fundamentals
  • Change Management Framework


  • Understand internal and external influences on daily decision making and plan
  • Develop skills to create necessary objectives and achieve expectations within limited timeframes
  • Implement planning techniques to plan out a working strategy
  • Managing deadlines
  • Improve decision making through implementation of cutting edge decision making strategies
  • Create productive team relationships through improved inter-personal skills
  • Understand the strengths of individuals within your team and how to assign tasks accordingly

How This Helps Your Organization?

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness within organisational processes
  • Working assignments completed in good time and within budget due to improved planning
  • Developing more skilled managers leads to increase the morale and competence of colleagues within your firm
  • Improved performance in completion of objectives
  • Encourage initiative amongst employees and decision making competence

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Learn how to create effective work plans for yourself, individuals or teams
  • Learn management tools to establish priorities and set objectives
  • Improve your inter-personal skills and confidence in meeting objectives
  • Demonstrate improved proficiency in delegation and decision making
  • Create value within your organisation and become necessary

Course Structure

Setting Objectives, Decision Making & Planning

  • Overview of organisation and the requirement of goals, decision making and planning
  • Identify key objectives required within your organisation
  • Planning Fundamentals that can be implemented to meet objectives set
  • How to review current management processes and areas which require change

The Importance of Setting Objectives and Strategic Planning

  • Bringing together, goals, vision, working structure into the planning process
  • Identifying the resources that are required at the beginning stages of plan
  • integrationCommunication methodologies for keeping your team focused and aware of their responsibilities
  • Identify any potential risks that may arise during the implementation of plan

Priority Planning & Decision Making

  • Prioritising objectives in accordance to strategic vision and implementing into Plan
  • Time Management & Scheduling techniques for meeting deadline
  • Implementing all covered functions into the final strategic plan
  • How to improve your communication skills and communicate your intentions to your team effectively
  • Analyse a variety of decision making techniques

Team Work

  • Identify the characteristics of each team member and assign tasks accordingly
  • Discuss the importance of team work and it’s role in achieving objectives
  • Discuss the importance of interpersonal skills in making team decision making
  • Tools to empower your team through delegation and decision making

Action Plan Development & Change Management

  • How to innovate and improve your team dynamic
  • Identifying change processes
  • Techniques and methods for setting personal and team change objectives
  • How to interact and deal with colleagues that are not happy with change
  • How to develop an action plan for dealing with personal and team change


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