Festival management (2 week)

Course Fee : 9,000 GBP

Course Duration : 10 Days


This unique course is designed to enhance your understanding of the festival and events industry and its role within a wider leisure and business context and how these relate to society as a whole.

The delegate will gain knowledge with regards to the theory and application of key festival management concepts, approaches and techniques to enable the delegate to further enhance or enter a professional career in festival or events management.

The program will also develop an awareness of the social, cultural, economic and political environment in which the festival and events industry operates, and the strategic implications and broader social responsibilities that this environment generates.

We are focused on your employability and will help you to gain the relevant specific skills needed in the industry including, but not limited to: time management, prioritisation, numeracy, communication and leadership.


  • Highlight the importance of Event Management.
  • Show the Qualities and Event Management Skills for success.
  • Illustrate how to develop a Strategic approach to managing Events.
  • How the importance of identifying and managing the Stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate how to prepare and manage the Event budget.
  • How to assess and manage the Risk associated with an Event.
  • Set appropriate Objectives.
  • Improve Time Management.
  • Show how to use a range of Event Planning Tools to develop an Event Plan.
  • Demonstrate how to use the appropriate methods of monitoring progress.
  • How to minimise Problems and Delays with Events.

How This Helps Your Organization?

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness within organisational processes
  • Employees attain a deeper theoretical knowledge
  • Possess knowledge on the latest international practices
  • Effective risk reduction
  • Increase the success of your Festivals and Events.
  • Maximise the use of resources.
  • Ensure that Events are completed successfully, within budget and on time

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Makes the move into Festival Management easier.
  • Improves effectiveness and credibility
  • Have a range of Festival Management tools at your disposal
  • Increased knowledge and deeper understanding
  • Improved skill set
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased recognition within the organisation
  • Improved work performance and managerial skills
  • Career enhancement

Course Structure

Festival Manager

  • The Key role of the Festival Manager in the Planning Team
  • Outlining Core Roles and Responsibilities
  • Team Dynamics
  • Task and Festival Timelines
  • Maximising Staff and Physical Resources
  • Planning and Co-ordinating Team and Suppliers
  • Decision Making
  • Contingency Planning
  • Case Study & Videos

Planning a Festival

  • Managing Festival Planning Schedules
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Identifying Festival Goals
  • Objectives
  • Festival Organisational Charts
  • Duty Rosters
  • Record Keeping Mechanisms
  • Recruitment
  • Reviewing Festival Contracts and Agreements
  • Troubleshooting Festival Co-ordination
  • Creation and Presentation of Proposals to Clients
  • Case Study & Videos

Co-ordinating Festivals

  • Developing Creative Elements
  • Scheduling Entertainment
  • Site Planning and Inspection
  • Registration and Admission Process
  • Festival Security
  • Planning Festival Protocol Requirements
  • Co-ordinating Festival Speakers with additional Entertainment for maximum effect
  • Identifying Appropriate Food and Beverage Menus
  • Festival Contingency Planning
  • Case Study & Videos

Documentation for Planning

  • Festival Contracts and Agreements
  • Troubleshooting Festival Co-ordination
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Creation and Presentation of Proposals to Clients.
  • Case Study & Videos

Principles of Festival Marketing

  • Needs and Motivations of Festival Customers
  • The Market Research Process
  • Effectively Collect and Analyse Market Data
  • Reporting the findings to the Team and Client
  • Elements of the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Promotion and Place)
  • The Pricing Process and How to Establish a Pricing Plan for your Market
  • Target Marketing Channels, Promote and Develop a Website and Direct Marketing Strategy
  • Case Study & Videos

How to market the Festival

  • Planning the Festival Proposal Strategy
  • Preparing the Festival Proposal
  • Sending Invitations
  • Budgeting and Buying Advertising
  • Publicising the Festival
  • Organising Contests
  • Merchandising
  • Packaging and Sales Promotion
  • Formulating a Public Relations Strategy
  • Conducting Market Research
  • Methods of Measuring Marketing Activity
  • Case Study & Videos

Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety Principles within Festival Management
  • Insurance integration
  • Fire & Health hazard regulations
  • Security
  • Licencing, Permits & Council regulations

Managing Risk

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting Expenditure
  • Compiling and Understanding Festival Contracts
  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Festival Risk Assessment
  • Copyright and Trademark Considerations
  • Festival Ethical Practice
  • Case Study & Videos

Corporate Festival Management

  • Corporate Festivals Integration
  • Organising local and Global Corporate Festivals
  • Corporate Festival Types
  • Festivals as Corporate Motivators
  • Managing Important Corporate Festivals
  • Developing Corporate Festivals
  • Organising Corporate Hospitality
  • Negotiating Festival Investment Returns
  • Managing Festival Costs
  • Case Study & Videos

Organising Conferences

  • Preparing a Conference Action Plan
  • Choosing Conference Sites and Locations
  • Working to a Budget
  • Developing Marketing Strategies
  • Identifying Legal Requirements
  • Evaluating Effectiveness of Festivals
  • Case Study & Videos

Fundraising Festivals

  • Key Drivers
  • Establish a Budget and Earning Target for the Festival
  • Developing the Festival Goals and Objectives
  • Sourcing and Working with Volunteers
  • Preparing an Festival Action Plan
  • Choosing Sites and Locations
  • Working to a Budget
  • Generating Sponsorship Support
  • Case Study & Videos

Sports Festival Management

  • Festival Media Marketing and Management
  • Festival Sponsorship
  • Managing Hospitality
  • Operating Strategy
  • Organising Staff
  • Admissions Management
  • Compliance and Protocol Procedures
  • Planning Award Ceremonies
  • Case Study & Videos

Celebrity Festivals

  • Organising Celebrity Festivals, Concerts and Launches
  • Television Related Festivals
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Fashion Shows
  • National Festivals
  • Galas
  • Special Themed Festivals
  • Internet Festival Launches
  • Dealing with Celebrity Agents
  • Handling Celebrity Wish Lists
  • Fireworks Displays
  • Case Study & Videos

Government, Civic, and Political Festivals

  • Planning for Major Social and Political Festivals
  • Festival Sponsorship
  • Managing VIP's
  • Developing Major Political Festivals
  • Case Study & Videos

Festival Sponsorship

  • Determining Potential Sponsorship
  • Assessing Selling Points of the Festival
  • Determining Sponsorship Fulfilment Responsibilities
  • Research and Set Sponsorship Pricing based on Market Factors and Festival Exposure
  • Case Study & Videos

Exhibition Management

  • Researching Markets; Resourcing the Exhibition
  • Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Key Promotional Planning
  • Audience Communication.
  • Case Study & Videos

Festival Evaluation & Reporting

  • Different Types of Evaluation Techniques
  • Understanding Options to Evaluate the Effectiveness of an Festival
  • Determine How to Evaluate Speakers and Suppliers
  • Tabulating and Reporting on the Festival's Success to the Client.
  • Case Study & Videos

Eco-friendly Festivals

  • The Importance Of Making your Festivals Environmentally Friendly
  • Benefits to your Company
  • Benefits to your Clients
  • Benefits to the Environment
  • Environmental Standards & Eco-friendly Credentials
  • Carbon-Neutral Festivals
  • Types of Eco-friendly Festivals/Suppliers
  • Eco-friendly Weddings, Eco-Friendly Conferences
  • Eco-Friendly Caterers
  • Case Study & Videos

PR Techniques & Principles

  • Sponsorship
  • Internal PR functions
  • Corporate Image
  • Press and Broadcast Media Relations
  • Client Relationships
  • Internal PR
  • Commissioning and Briefing Photographers
  • Supplying Material to the Press/Getting Material onto TV and Radio
  • Organising Seminars
  • Exhibitions and Conferences
  • Audio/Visual Aids
  • Writing Skills (Press Releases, Writing Feature Articles for the Press, In-house Journals and Newsletters)
  • Crisis Management
  • Corporate Advertising
  • Brochures and Printing
  • Case Study & Videos

Wedding Planning

  • Planning a Wedding
  • Timelines and Itinerary
  • Wedding Legalities
  • Budgets
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Reception, Venue Sourcing
  • Supplier Sourcing Logistics
  • Creating & Marketing Wedding Planning Consultancy
  • Case Study & Videos

Presentation Skills

  • Preparation and Research
  • Speech Content
  • Subject Matter and Objectives
  • Speech Delivery and Variety
  • Body Language
  • Presentation Aids e.g. Visuals, etc.; Management of Locations and Audiences; Presentation
  • Structure
  • Case Study & Videos


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