Advanced Public Relations

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Public Relations and Communications can be found at the core of any organisation. Modern day PR techniques have tremendously increased its influence on business performance. A continuously improving public relations strategy will help build public perception, improve reputation amongst chief stakeholders and drive strategic organisational change.

This program has been designed to allow the delegate to develop the capability and skills to integrate the latest PR methodologies into their organisations


  • Public Relation activities and the benefits for the organisation
  • Plan an effective campaign
  • Improve writing skills for the wide range of PR media outputs available today
  • The latest methodologies and systems for precision PR campaigns
  • Personalised coaching and constructive criticism
  • Organise successful PR events and business development programmes


  • Examine the different types of PR campaigns that have been created and their intended purpose
  • Discuss the requirements for PR within an organisation
  • Explore the variety of communication methods available
  • Write a clear and concise PR report
  • Improve writing skills for web and print PR tools
  • Discuss interview techniques within the media
  • Develop inter-personal skills
  • Discuss the impact of stakeholder requirements to the PR campaign
  • Developing an electronic Public Relations & Communications centre
  • Crisis Media Management techniques – developing worst case scenario contingency plans

How This Helps Your Organisation?

  • Utilise the potential of the organisations PR department
  • Experience increased revenue and reach business objectives through the use of well executed campaigns
  • Enhance the organisations reputation and public perception
  • Identify risks before they arise

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Develop an effective methodology for communicating within the workplace
  • Create Action Plans for use in all aspects of your skillsets
  • Learn to sell your ideas to senior management
  • Evaluate your campaigns properly and communicate its results to your management to ensure you are efforts are recognised.
  • To build confidence and mastery through personal coaching and advice

Course Structure

Public Communication

  • Program Goal Setting
  • Discuss the purpose of communicating with the public through PR
  • Evaluate the different media outputs and PR channels available in the 21st century
  • Case Study example (what works and what doesn’t)
  • Practical exercise
  • Set personal goals for this programme

Executing Theory

  • Communication model
  • How to present and influence your target audience
  • Discuss the ethics of PR
  • How to write and interpret a concise PR brief
  • The risks associated with PR campaigns
  • Case Study example (what works and what doesn’t)
  • Practical exercise
  • Discuss evaluation

Media Output

  • How to monetize reputation
  • Senior management perception of PR
  • Managing relationships with stakeholders (client, managers, government)
  • How to choose the correct channel for the appropriate target market
  • Practical exercise - newsletter article writing and editing practice
  • Blogging
  • Event management

Internal Communication

  • How to improve the impact of communicating within the organisation
  • Communication effectiveness measurement
  • Evaluating communication to measure organisational performance
  • Crisis Media Relation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Media Relations
  • Reputation management


  • Personal development and career planning advise
  • Networking with other PR firms
  • Increasing your job visibility and becoming the best in your field
  • Tactics for improving team work within the organisation
  • Work Planning and Time management techniques


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