Advanced Hospitality

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


The hospitality industry continues to grow and the industry demands well-qualified managers.

This course is designed to provide a strongly vocational theme relevant for a wide range of employment sectors in the hospitality industry. Hospitality continues to be one of the largest growth industries.

Its successful management depends on high quality business skills and the ability to provide consumer satisfaction. Hospitality embraces a wide range of sectors including: contract catering, hotels, leisure (such as theatres and casinos), licensed retail (pubs and clubs), restaurants and welfare catering.

The course aims to equip students with appropriate knowledge and understanding of hospitality and to develop skills needed for employment or further study.


  • Planning Management Fundamentals
  • Project & Performance Management Fundamentals
  • Health, hygiene & fire safety
  • Decision Making Fundamentals
  • Change Management Framework
  • Time Management


  • Build on your management skills and discover how hospitality and tourism businesses are developed
  • Develop skills to create necessary objectives and achieve expectations within limited timeframes
  • Improve decision making through implementation of cutting edge decision making strategies
  • Create productive team relationships through improved inter-personal skills
  • Understand the strengths of individuals within your team and how to assign tasks accordingly

How This Helps Your Organisation?

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness within organisational processes
  • Working assignments completed in good time and within budget due to improved planning
  • Developing more skilled managers leads to increase the morale and competence of colleagues within your firm
  • Improved performance in completion of objectives
  • Encourage initiative amongst employees and decision making competence

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Learn how to create effective work plans for yourself, individuals or teams
  • Learn management tools to establish priorities and set objectives
  • Improve your inter-personal skills and confidence in meeting objectives
  • Demonstrate improved proficiency in delegation and decision making
  • Create value within your organisation and become necessary

Course Structure

  • Defining Hospitality
  • The methods of tourism expenditure
  • Hospitality Industry Overview
  • The role of entrepreneurs within Hospitality & Tourism
  • Practical – Hospitality Case Study 1
  • Discuss the complexities of the Hospitality Industry
  • Discuss Tourism & Travel Industry and the requirements of hospitality
  • Practical – Exercise 1 & 2
  • The relation between the hospitality business and yourself
  • Discuss the characteristics of the Hospitality Industry
  • What are the tangible and intangible aspects of Hospitality
  • Hospitality Industry Objectives
  • Practical – Hospitality Case Study 2
  • How to make guests feel welcome and add a personal touch
  • Providing for the guests requirements
  • Ensure Hospitality operations continue to provide optimum services while remaining within budget
  • Influential trends on the Hospitality Industry
  • Trends that can affect the future of the Hospitality Industry
  • Discuss the increased demand for leisure travel services in relation to business travel
  • Discuss the increase in cruises and timeshares as an alternative to conventional lodging
  • Introducing stress reduction activities for guests
  • Meeting & Convention analysis
  • Practical – Hospitality Case Study 3
  • Discuss the trend in price for Air Travel
  • Travel agents role as ‘complex’ and ‘high risk’ travel product and service sellers
  • The role of the internet on the distribution network for sales
  • The importance of Hospitality Industry relationships
  • Understand the scope of the Hospitality/Tourism Industry
  • How to provide a successful and efficient service
  • DISNEY Service Model analysis
  • The seven major mistakes when providing servicing
  • Hotel Management
  • Practical – Hotel Management Case Study 4
  • The Functions and different departments of a Hotel
  • The Front Office
  • Practical – Exercise 5
  • The House Keeping Department
  • Practical – Exercise 6


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