Supply Chain Management

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Escalating competition and the globalisation of supply markets make it essential that supply professionals keep up to date and broaden their capabilities in key areas such as strategy, ecommerce, sourcing and contracts management.

This course aims to meet the needs of such professionals, whether they are employed or studying in preparation for employment. It will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of supply chain management through the development of knowledge, skills and expertise.


  • The various processes in the Supply Chain
  • The structure of a Supply Chain
  • What makes a Supply Chain successful?
  • The role of inventory in the Supply Chain


  • To define and understand the concept of a Supply Chain
  • The role of inventory in the Supply Chain
  • Critically determine the amount of spare parts required
  • Determining the optimal inventory solution for spare parts
  • Implement creative ways of reducing working capital

How This Helps Your Organisation?

  • Delegate will be able to provide knowledge and insight into the implementation of the fundamental principles of supply chain management
  • Conduct a review of the current status of the facilitates department
  • Yield improved results by implementing an effective supply chain strategy
  • Delegates will provide the organisation with the skills and instruments to improve their supply chain in both long term and short term
  • Improve the skills and morale of organisations employees through increased knowledge, confidence and capability

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Understand how to apply the most optimum practices
  • Learn from the experience of other delegates and the trainer
  • Attain a strong knowledge of the principles of supply chain management
  • Add value to your knowledge and competency
  • Improve your prospective career opportunities through self-development

Course Structure

Supply Chain Concept

  • Overview of previously used supply chains
  • The fundamental principles of a supply chain
  • The five basic processes in a supply chain
  • The concept of the value chain
  • Performance measurement within supply chain management
  • Case Study & Videos

Supply Chain Planning

  • Setting up the supply chain infrastructure (Manufacturers, Warehouses, Transportation, Retailers)
  • Advance Planning and Optimisation
  • Forrester Effect Analysis
  • Analysis of different supply chain scenarios
  • Inventory decisions within a Supply Chain
  • Case Study & Videos

Supply Chain Inventory Decisions

  • Demand pattern analysis
  • Information analysis and it’s effect within the supply chain
  • Inventory decisions: (What to stock, Where to stock, Abundance of stock)
  • Case Study & Videos

Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Internal supply chain risks
  • Inventory risks
  • Financial risks
  • Logistics risks
  • Security risks
  • Procurement risks
  • PESTLE risks
  • Disruption risks
  • Mismanaged relationship risks
  • 2008 Economic Crisis Case Study
  • Case Study & Videos

Bringing Supply Chain Processes Together

  • Procurement
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Operations
  • Return/recycling
  • Case Study & Videos


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