Priority Management:Enhancing Your Time, Workflow & Productivity (2 week course)

Course Fee : 9,000 GBP

Course Duration : 10 Days


In today’s modern age, Business and Life have become increasingly competitive and fast paced, therefore it has become a necessary requirement for self-improvement specifically our focus and reduce stress at the same time while reaping the rewards of working in a highly pressurised environment.

Stress is predominantly high in most organisations worldwide and the cost this creates for the employer is continuously growing, it is an issue that organisation management must acknowledge and train their employees to manage stress in a productive manner.

The top CEO’s, leaders in business and politics have collectively stated that the key to success is the ability to communicate well. Therefore we believe it is imperative to learn, practice and develop powerful, persuasive communication skill set that can be applied one on one or within a small and large group.

This program will cover the underlying principles behind these techniques and are designed to get the best out of you both professionally and personally.


  • Increase motivation and self confidence level
  • Identify your stressors and how time affects you
  • Understand the underlying principles of effective persuasive communication and it’s in impact within a business
  • Increase productivity, morale and profitability within an organisation through the use of effective communication, persuasion and morale boosting techniques learnt within this program
  • Improves self-awareness and confidence to interact and deal with people on all levels both professionally and personally


  • Learn the latest methods to identify and reduce stress levels
  • Learn the latest Time Management methods used by the top CEO’s and global leaders
  • Increase productivity
  • Realise the importance of communication in all aspects of business and life
  • Improve presentation and personal communication skills

How This Helps Your Organization?

  • Delegate will have a stronger understanding of how stress can affect their work productivity
  • Provide an outlet for employees to open discuss stress and management techniques for reducing stress
  • Understanding of personal conditioning and managing work stress
  • Confident and professional employees with effective communication skills will benefit the organisation as performance and profit will increase accordingly
  • Strong communication skills creates competitive advantage and increase in performance

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Stress management techniques that will address stressors and allow you to create easy to apply solutions to any situation and destroy stress fast.
  • Possess a different perspective when confronted with difficult situations and see the positive
  • Learn relaxation techniques, how to take control of a situation and breaking down problems into easy subsets
  • Introduce the communication skills learnt into your life and interacting with different people.
  • Improve your leadership ability as well as negotiation and problem solving skills
  • Understand yourself better and consequently exhibit increased confidence and self-esteem

Course Structure

Your Job

  • Managing the resources you have available
  • Define the objective and intended results
  • What are you trying to achieve
  • Identifying your priorities and responsibilities

Effective Time Management & Planning

  • Time logs, Time planning and diary entry
  • Prioritising your objectives
  • Activity scheduling
  • Pressurised time management


  • Identifying preferred working style and managing time around it
  • Investing in yourself through time and effort in order to achieve your objectives in your professional and personal life
  • Identifying areas of weakness and time wastage

Inter-personal management

  • The best practices for managing colleagues, managers and customers
  • Conflict management
  • How to use assertiveness to improve agreeability amongst the workforce
  • Improving the productivity of meetings


  • How to effectively delegate without prejudice or favouritism
  • Workload breakdown through the use of delegation
  • Creating more time and staff development using delegation.

Effective Communication

  • The underlying principles of successful communication
  • How to deal with conflicting personalities, prejudice and stereotypes amongst colleagues
  • Influencing your team to gain the results you require

Managing Pressure

  • Breaking down objectives into mini prioritised tasks
  • Regain control of the situation using effective planning and time management techniques
  • Shift from a reactive attitude to proactive
  • How to manage a conflict in demands between a number of different stakeholders

Module 2

Personal communication

  • Defining communication
  • Defining effective communication
  • Discussion on past experiences of bad communication
  • The three levels communication
    1) Intra-personal
    2) Inter-personal
    3) Inter-Active synergy
  • Non-verbal communication
  • 8 secret non-verbal techniques

The Power of Persuasion & Communication

  • Understanding the communication pyramid
  • Analysing the communication cycle
  • The secrets of public speaking, developing and presenting a speech.
  • Body posture and dressing professionally
  • Voice tonality and pitch
  • Overcoming fears of public speaking
  • Learn to use influence to persuade people to do what you want

Presenting and Communicating

  • How to prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation
  • Organising and planning your presentation
  • Visuals used within presentation and its effect
  • Body language analysis during presentations
  • Presenting to a culturally diverse audience successfully
  • Analysing your audience
  • Telephone manner feedback

Communication methods for professional brilliance

  • Decision making during the communication process
  • The 9 secrets to effective presentations
  • How to implement your negotiation skills while communicating
  • Development of a methodical filing system

How to apply influence and persuasion

  • The 9 secrets to effective communication
  • How to apply these principles into an Action Plan that can be integrated into your organisation and personal life
  • Awaken your proactive attitude
  • Practicing communication exercises to continue being successful in this area


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