Power Selling

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Everything in business depends on effective selling. Increased competition and high customer expectations make it challenging to secure new business and retain existing customers.

This program provides step by step guide through the complete sales process. It covers each stage of the sales process from organising your time, researching your prospective clients and creating SMART objectives, opening the sales call, asking value driven questions, presenting the benefits to your customers to closing the sale and developing the account.


  • Assess your own selling style and adapt it to suit your customers
  • Apply a proven sales structure and process during every future sales scenario
  • Sell by setting clear objectives
  • Gain and retain your customers’ attention
  • Ask value driven questions to fully understand your customers’ needs
  • Respond to and manage objections confidently and professionally


  • Analyse and discuss the skillset and behaviour of a successful sales person.
  • Discuss a variety of different sales models.
  • Implement customer focused sales methodologies
  • Successful closing techniques
  • Creative a proactive action plan
  • Relationship management techniques

Course Structure

Selling Skills

  • Sales competency evaluation
  • Discuss the skills of a successful sales person
  • Evaluate the behaviors of a successful sales person

Selling Methodology

  • Influencing the buyer and implementing a sales strategy
  • Creating a sales pipeline
  • Calendar planning and sales goals evaluation
  • Consultation Selling (Relationship based selling)
  • Retail selling
  • Understand the SPIN® Sales Model
  • The underlying fundamentals of different selling models & structure


  • Practice a number of different closing techniques
  • How to deal with objections from the client
  • Sales person attitude adjustment

Relationship Management

  • Discuss the Customer Marketing Pyramid
  • Maintain Customer Information
  • How to implement and use a CRM database
  • Selling as a consultant
  • Evaluate the Life Time Value of a customer
  • Conflict resolution tactics

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Introduction to NLP
  • The effect of NLP on sales, marketing & advertising
  • Marketing hypnosis tactics
  • Hypnotic state persuading vocabulary

Win-Win Negotiation

  • Analyse the structure of an ideal sales negotiation
  • Applying the Harvard Model to sales negotiation
  • Implementing Bargaining Power and expectation management


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