Customer Service Master Class

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Organisations with a customer-focused outlook believe that the businesses long term successes dependent on the organisations commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus requires vigilant integration of various factors that when combined will set the organisation apart from its competitors, attract and keep profitable customers as well as motivate staff and increase productivity.

This program has been designed to teach delegates the fundamental principles, practices and skills required that leading organisations employ to deliver world-class customer service experiences as well as explain the requirements to build a customer focused culture within a department or organisation.


  • Analysis of the top customer service providers practices
  • Create increased return on investment through improved customer service
  • Measure and Monitor customer satisfaction
  • The importance of self-development in staff
  • Implement these practices into your own style and strategy
  • Motivate employees and colleagues using interpersonal skills
  • Increase staff retention and motivate your workforce


  • Build a customer focused culture within the department
  • Improve performance and customer experience
  • How to improve the standards of service delivery
  • Operations analysis and streamlining for optimum service level
  • How to increase customer satisfaction
  • Improving internal services
  • Increase staff retention and motivate your workforce

How this helps your organisation?

  • Customer service department becomes more focused, productive and streamlined.
  • Decrease customer turnover and increase revenue growth
  • Increase employee retention
  • Interdepartmental communication improvements
  • Communication and interpersonal skillsets improved speeding up work flow processes and productivity.

How this helps you personally?

  • Improve leadership and communication skills which are a requirement for career advancement
  • Management performance levels will improve as you learn to motivate your team and increase staff retention
  • Increase yourself and your team’s confidence and maintain professionalism when dealing with difficult, irate customers or other inter-personal conflicts.
  • Improve your time management skills
  • Heighted awareness of temperament and ability to adjust according to the situation
  • Learn the latest cutting-edge techniques to provide a first-class service

Course Structure

The Importance of Customer Service
  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Techniques for exceeding customer expectation
  • Implementing benchmarking for competitive measurements
  • Assess your organisational structure and its focus on customer service
  • Developing a customer service focused infrastructure within your department
Improving Customer Service Techniques
  • How to deal with customer issues efficiently and effectively
  • Six Hat problem solving methodology
  • Strategy Modelling top performing customer service representatives
  • Conflict and dispute resolution techniques
  • Influencing organisational perception
  • Building strong client-customer relationships
  • Encouraging learning within the department
  • Developing a long term strategic goal for strong customer service levels
  • Learning models for customer service strategies
  • Behavioural Modelling
  • Neurological Modelling & Planning techniques
  • Team work exercises and promoting collaboration
  • Discuss integral qualities in customer service
  • Customer service skills that are transferable to different roles
  • The role and importance of the supervisor
  • How to reduce staff turnover, motivate and keep your employees
  • Encouraging staff input
  • Discuss specific examples of customer service situations in their organisations
  • Incentive and reward techniques for improving productivity and morale
Customer Service Assessment
  • The importance of skills training in all major organisations
  • Improving customer service skills and keeping up with competition
  • Benchmarking techniques
  • How to select an appropriate self-development programme
  • Coaching methodologies
  • Mirroring customer service techniques based on top customer service representatives
  • Creating an action plan for implementation within the department


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