Facilities Management

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Facilities Management has become one of the largest budget expenses for major corporations and thus one of the biggest potential sources for cost saving and profit improvement.

The vast array of business facilities and assets available today such as utility plants, buildings, production plants, power & water distribution networks have become an increasingly expensive and complicated issue albeit more flexible.

This programme has been designed to teach each delegate the best practices for organising and managing a successful facilities department. The course goal is for the delegate to acquire the ability to control and sustain organisational facilities in an effective and efficient manner by integrating the use of people, function and place.

This course will discuss how to find the correct balance between the performance of organisational assets (availability, safety, reliability, and functionality) and the underlying costs. As well as the balance of maintaining facilities internally or outsourcing the job externally.


  • How to assess the current status of an organisations facilities management process
  • Discuss the requirements for a dedicated operations and maintenance control centre
  • Facilities Management strategies development
  • Contract Types
  • Create preventative maintenance concepts based on risk analysis
  • Performance Measurement techniques
  • Benchmark studies for improving facilities management processes


  • Understand the underlying principles of facilities management
  • Learn the most optimum practices for implementation in certain situations
  • Construct and develop facility management strategies for understanding when and when not to contract externally
  • Learn to make snap decisions, plan and solve office related issues
  • Understanding the different types of contracts available
  • Learn how to monitor departmental and individual performance and produce results
  • Understand the use of benchmark studies in improving facility management processes
    Improve relationships throughout the organisation

How This Helps Your Organisation?

  • Delegate will be able to provide knowledge and insight into the implementation of the fundamental principles of facilities management
  • Conduct a review of the current status of the facilitates department
  • Yield improved results by implementing an effective outsourcing strategy
  • Delegates will provide the organisation with the skills and instruments to improve facilities in both long term and short term
  • Improve the skills and morale of organisations employees through increased knowledge, confidence and capability

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Understand how to apply the most optimum practices
  • Learn from the experience of other delegates and the trainer
  • Attain a strong knowledge of the principles of facilities management
  • Add value to your knowledge and competency
  • Improve your prospective career opportunities through self-development

Course Structure

Facilities Management Overview

  • The process of Facilities Management
  • Planning Facilities
  • The operations of Facilities
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Facilities Realization
  • Discuss the current state of delegates organisational facilities management process

The Underlying Principles of Facilities Management

  • How to design, create and maintain a facilities management cycle
  • Managing Information
  • Annual Strategic planning
  • Control & Work planning
  • Facilities Management operations & services
  • Facility Maintenance & Repair processes

Preventative Maintenance Strategy

  • Develop brief understanding of risk
  • Discuss risk based methodologies
  • Define Maintenance tasks
  • Creating an effective step-by-step risk based maintenance strategy
  • Seven steps in developing an effective and risk-based maintenance strategy
  • Inspection methods and maintenance tasks for utilities
  • Practical example – Case Study


  • Processes which should be outsourced and which should be dealt with internally
  • How to choose the correct contractor and manage efficiently
  • The different types of contracts available and how to utilise them
  • Discuss Contract Cycle
  • Discuss the importance of Service Level Agreements (SLA) in completing processes efficiently

Performance Measurement & Benchmarking techniques

  • Setting targets
  • Integrating continuous improvement methodologies
  • Facilities Management Balanced Scorecard
  • How to use Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for measuring performance
  • Setting up a benchmark study


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