Business Process Re-engineering

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is a business management strategy used worldwide that focuses on the workflow and processes within an organisation, it provides very useful analysis for management to improve customer service, department reorganisation, cut operational costs and get the edge on their competitors.

In today's generation of business, customer value has become the forefront of most effective strategies for financial success, there is a growing requirement to exceed the customers expectations through consistent improvement in your product or services. However this may not be the only change required, sometimes the way your business is ran needs to be fine-tuned or tweaked in order to maximize efficiency and there is where BPR methodology comes into play.


  • Three main principles; Process Redesign, Process Improvement & Process Re-engineering
  • Analyse case studies to practice determine whether the organisation requires BPR
  • Effective gradual BPR implementation strategy.
  • Discuss the different approaches of re-engineering
  • Apply root-cause analysis and whether BPR is an effective solution.


  • Discuss the concept behind BPR
  • Learn successful BPR implementation strategies
  • Help you gain the skills to make change within your firm
  • Discuss the requirements of the organisation and how to integrate a successful BPR solution.

How this helps your organisation?

  • Delegate gains relevant technical knowledge and skill within BPR.
  • Gains the ability to merge the organisations strategic objectives into a sucessful BPR plan.
  • Discover opportunities that will exceed the organisations stakeholders requirements
  • Increase customer and stakeholder satisfaction through positive change
  • Gain the understanding on how to include all stakeholders expectations within your BPR strategy making it even more successful.

How this helps you personally?

  • Your contribution towards successful change within an organisation looks great on your CV and will help with career advancement
  • By learning how to implement your managements objectives into your BPR plan, you are helping your managers fulfill their objectives, thus opening you up for leadership roles.
  • Increased confidence knowing you can exceed the requirements of your organisations stakeholders.

Course Structure

  • What is Business Process ReengineeringDiscuss
  • ion on the role of BPR within your organisations
  • The processes behind implementing BPR into your workplace
  • Different approaches to BPR
Deeper BPR
  • The reasoning behind using BPR
  • Introduction and comparison between reengineering, rightsizing, restructuring and TQM.
  • The extent to which BPR should affect the current process.
  • Tools used within BPR – Project management, modelling and coordination.
Planning & Implementation
  • Step by Step methodology on implementing your BPR plan
  • Understanding your organisations processes
  • Identify opportunities for BPR within the organisation
  • The use of IT within BPR to create efficient solutions
  • Misunderstandings behind BPR
  • Case study analysis
  • The role of consultants within BPR
  • How not to fail at BPR
  • How BPR will help your organisation


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