IT Leadership & Strategy(2 week course)

Course Fee : 9,000 GBP

Course Duration : 10 Days


This program is designed for IT professionals who are aiming to maximise the productivity and creativity of their team as well as themselves.

This course provides the delegate with the techniques needed to lead a dynamic IT organisation, strategic management, IT resource management while maintaining a focus on the consumer.


  • The importance of Information Technology within the enterprise and how IT strategy can be a significant influence to meeting corporate objectives
  • Recognize opportunities to reason creatively and challenging tasks with a different perspective
  • Firm focus on refining your negotiation abilities and how to deal with inter-department complications ensuring your teams success.


  • Use the creativity enhancing tools you learned during this program and integrate the ideals into your team to increase productivity.
  • Articulate your ideas and strategy in an interesting and thought provoking manner.
  • Identify the infrastructure behind an IT department with strategic goals
  • How to use performance measurement methodology
  • Analyse and consider new technology, how to select a vendor and outsourcing data management

How This Helps Your Organization?

  • Professionals within IT that can actively demonstrate an alignment between corporate and IT strategy can easily justify a return on their function.
  • The ability to share an ideology and communicate it to others allows your team to focus on long term organisational requirements.
  • Create innovative strategies combined with corporate goals that will guarantee success.
  • Implementation of Key Performance Indicators
  • Generate an improved focus on customer and stakeholder objectives

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Integrate your own personal vision into an action plan that can be applied to your organisation
  • Improved negotiation and justification skill using KPI.
  • Improved self confidence in your ideas

Course Structure

Module 1

Problem solving & overcoming creativity block

  • Understanding our creative brain function
  • Logic management
  • Analogous thinking
  • Sigmoid Curve
  • Break through step change
  • Understanding risk

Develop and communicate your vision

  • Creating a structured business plan
  • Thought techniques
  • Encouraging team input
  • Steps within the creative process
  • Tools for creative strategy and techniques

Turning ideas into action

  • How to motivate your team effectively
  • Learning and developing your teams ideas
  • Correct delegation in accordance with your teams strengths
  • Meet stakeholder demands, goals and objectives
  • Influence senior management and motivate interest in your corporate objectives

Module 2

Leading & Managing the IT dept.

  • Valuing your IT services
  • Role as a manager
  • How to communicate the value your department creates and align yourself to organisational goals and objectives.

Influence & decision making

  • How to choose the best influence technique in accordance to the current situation.
  • Excel in your position using effective influence
  • Apply strategic decisions
  • Outsource workflows appropriately

Project management

  • Introduction to the underlying principles of project management
  • The effectiveness of project management

Developing your IT strategy

  • Define your target market
  • Partnership model
  • Plan & Budget effectively
  • Outsource workflows appropriately

Creating an IT Team

  • The importance of correct delegation and influence
  • Team building exercises
  • How to manage senior management and stakeholder expectation.

Quality Management

  • Process management and its importance within your department
  • The definition of quality and how it applies to you
  • Implementing management processes
  • Maturity modelling
  • International standards

Performance Metrics in IT

  • How to use IT performance metrics and analysis
  • Developing best practice
  • Using metrics
  • Fact and result based management and evaluation
  • Applying metrics to your strategy

Common Inaccuracies

  • The difference between strategic and tactical decisions.
  • Evaluating existing technology and introducing new technologies into your process.


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