Excellence In Leadership

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


This program will focus on the purpose and role of the leader when motivating and developing a strong, effective team. We will cover a variety of the latest cutting-edge approaches that may be used as the role of team leader by some of the top CEOs in the world and encourage testing the principles on each other and integrating some of your own personality into the theory.


  • Leadership approaches and strategic plans
  • How performance can be managed within a team
  • The underlying principles of an effective team
  • Team decision making
  • How to constructively give and receive feedback.
  • Group dynamic analysis


  • Discuss different leadership approaches and implementation
  • Case study analysis on how team operations were effective
  • Practice motivation techniques and the art of delegation
  • Discuss how to create a productive work environment
  • Analysis of the most successful methods of communicating effectively across different levels of the organizational hierarchy

How This Helps Your Organization?

  • Team communication skills will improve
  • Greater team performance and efficiency
  • Strong leadership strategic implementation
  • Increased departmental value
  • Creating enthusiasm an organisation through times of challenge or difficult change
  • Improved decision making and delegation
  • Motivation and organisation culture enhancements
  • Increase productivity of organisation due to improved management ability

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Improved and faster decision making
  • Become more influential
  • Better communication skills
  • Ability to work better in teams
  • Greater confidence and productivity

Course Structure

Leadership Tools – Motivation & Delegation

  • Discuss the largest factors for motivating a workforce
  • Analyse motivational theories and to which types of organisations they apply.
  • Clarify the positive and negatives behind delegation within an organisation
  • Understand the different delegation methods used by top CEO’s around the world and how to use them within your organisation

The underlying principles behind successful leadership strategy

  • The attributes of great worldwide leaders and CEO’S
  • Discussion on the differences between transformational leadership and traditional leadership.
  • How to create a flexible leadership style
  • Getting into a top CEO/Leader mind-set
  • Building a proactive team

Getting the best performance out of yourself and your team

  • Self-evaluation and performance measurement
  • The issues managers face when performing performance appraisals.
  • How to assess an employee’s performance with no bias or prejudice
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Constructive criticism on your own personal style of leadership

Implementing Change

  • Introduction to Senge’s Five Learning Principles.
  • Personal mastery – learning to expand our personal capacity to create the results we most desire
  • Psychological modelling and mapping
  • How to share a vision with your team
  • System behaviour analysis

Building Effective Communication Skills

  • Reinforce the importance of communication and interpersonal skills in an effective leadership position
  • Building trust within your team and organisation
  • How to deliver clear messages and address your team effectively


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