Focus On Finance

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Finance is the backbone and essence of a running business.

In this program we provide you with the advanced necessary skills to execute professional grade financial analysis and make excellent financial decisions in a market that is growing increasingly competitive and volatile each day.

These abilities are what is required by your department or company to maximise revenues while minimising costs, controlling your risk and staying competitive.


  • Financial Planning – Creating financial plans designed to adapt to your firms growth
  • Financial Engineering & Corporate Finance
  • Company valuation methods with concentration on mergers & acquisitions
  • Maximise returns on your capital and reduce risk using WACC, CAPM and the latest techniques in financial theory
  • Financial Analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Analyse past performance
  • Execute performance measurement
  • Make informed decisions


  • Learn advanced skills required for financial forecasting and budgeting using Excel and the latest financial software’s’ used to forecast models such as Time Series, Regression, Exponential Smoothing and Correlation evaluation.
  • Use WACC and CAPM combined with payback period, NPV, ARR, IRR, MIRR and discounted payback to make informed decisions.
  • SWOT analysis to help predict future trends
  • Integrating financial analysis into a strategic plan
  • Company valuation methods with concentration on mergers & acquisitions

How This Helps Your Organization?

  • Build or improve the organisations finance department
  • Delegates become more informed with cutting-edge international practices which can be used to make more informed decisions and gain an improved perspective.
  • The knowledge gained on the latest policies can be shared amongst other employees within the organisation.

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Improve your knowledge on cutting-edge international policies and financial theory
  • Professionally more attractive
  • Become a more valued asset within your organisation
  • Make informed decisions
  • Develop confidence in financial analysis and use of financial modelling software

Course Structure

Financial Planning

  • How to create a Financial plan
  • Forecasting future cash flows using Time series analysis, regression and Correlation analysis
  • Financial Modelling
  • What-if analysis
  • Du Pont analysis

Financial Engineering and Corporate Finance

  • Evaluate the sources and effects of raising capital via Equity or Debt
  • The underlying principles of Financial Engineering
  • Implementing financially engineered instrument for use in trading, hedging and raising capital
  • Introduction to Fixed Income Bonds
  • Money Market Instruments
  • Dividend analysis

Investment Appraisal and Cost of Capital

  • Introduction to WACC and CAPM
  • Investment measurement process
  • Introduction ARR, NPV, IRR
  • The use of derivatives in relation to Cost of Capital

Financial Analysis

  • Introduction to Financial Review – comparing targets to actual results
  • Variance Analysis
  • Financial Performance measurement
  • Evaluation using Ratio Analysis – Liquidity, Profitability, Leverage, Du Pont analysis
  • Financial Modelling
  • Quantitative modelling – analysis risk using Z and Altman scoring
  • SWOT & PEST analysis
  • Using Excel for Financial Analysis – analyse past performance
  • Evaluating Departmental and Individual performance
  • Investment Opportunities

Company valuation, M&A

  • Definitions of corporate, investor & shareholder value
  • How value-based analysis has changed over time
  • Restricting the organisation to create value
  • Valuation for Mergers & Acquisition
  • Management Buy-Outs and Buy-Ins


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