Business Analysis

Course Fee : 5,000 GBP

Course Duration : 5 Days


Analysing a business involves specialist knowledge, proficiency as well as the ability to plan, analyse, manage and communicate the requirements of the business in question before creating a business information structure.

The delegate will ascertain the knowledge to execute the latest cutting-edge methodologies in business for analysing firms, identifying the organisations requirements, planning, monitoring business processes as well as communicating your solutions in an effective and justified manner


  • The most cutting-edge business analysis methods at the forefront of the financial analysis industry are taught to you in a series of short burst concentrated presentations followed by exercises and Q&A.
  • The delegate will apply the methodologies learned to case studies and real world examples.
  • To increase learning potential the program may also involve individual work, group work, lecturer interaction and consistent constructive criticism.


  • Recognize the requirements of a Business Analyst
  • Plan a Business Analysis
  • Identify the needs of the business
  • Identify the requirements of the stakeholder
  • Define a solution and communicate it to the business
  • Business dimension modelling

How This Helps Your Organization?

  • Improve employees knowledge within intra-business analytics
  • Improves relationship between IT and business department of your organisation.
  • Reduction in risk associated with developing IT infrastructure
  • Experience a reduction in business process cost and delay
  • Delegates display a strong understanding of the requirements of the stakeholder

How This Helps You Personally?

  • Possess the ability to identify the critical needs of a business at all levels
  • Develop effective solutions to proposed problems within a business
  • Identify a firms essential requirements effectively and address them to business management confidently and concisely

Course Structure

Introduction to Business Analysis

  • The requirements of the Business Analyst
  • How to select the appropriate BA technique
  • Introduction to the Business Solutions Life Cycle (BSLC)
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Creating a Business Analytics findings case
  • Create a solution

Requirements of the Analysis Process

  • Infrastructure framework
  • Identifying stakeholder goals and objectives
  • Financial Modelling methodology
  • The data requirements of Financial Modelling
  • Introduction to Business Process Modelling

Identify Stakeholder requirements

  • How to carry out an interview
  • Business process observation
  • Creating, implementing and analysing questionnaires
  • Document analysis

Managing stakeholder requirements

  • Handling challenging questions and criticism
  • Managing requirements and solutions


  • Creating an effective solution to proposed requirements and problems
  • Identify gaps within the business processes
  • Implementing workarounds or temporary ‘quick fix’
  • Solution testing
  • Solution performance analysis]


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