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Course Duration:5 Days


Specifically created strategies for the acquisition of materials, equipment, goods and services have become an imperative issue within organisations of the 21st century. These practices are designed to reduce operating costs while simultaneously improving productivity.

It can be generally emphasised that approximately over 50% of an organisations revenue can be spent on services, equipment or goods. Therefore it is imperative that top-level global organisations analyse their purchasing strategies in an effort to increase their earnings and lower costs.

To be successful in purchasing is dependent on the managements awareness of potential opportunities and how to implement methods, processes and techniques, which will be taught in this program to obtain the knowledge on how to make supply management savings for your organisation.

This program will also look into the fundamental concepts of procurement, supply chain management as well as discuss some of the chief issues that are confronting world-class organisations today.


  • Methodology for reducing costs
  • Methodology for improving costs
  • Developing a strategic plan and mining for data metrics
  • How to reduce low value activities
  • Methodology for reporting cost improvements
  • Methodology for evaluating supplier prices
  • Negotiation approaches
  • How to examine a supplier and check if it meets organisational standards


  • Discuss the meaning of strategic procurement
  • Analyse and discuss examples of best practices in procurement
  • Discuss & analyse how to obtain the optimum pricing
  • Developing spend analysis
  • Develop a functional and cross functional view of the supply chain
  • KPI analysis

How this helps your organisation?

  • Evident increase in productivity of the delegate in procurement activities
  • Reduction in costs for purchased materials and services
  • Improved negotiation ability through delegate training and preparation
  • Better supplier relationships and performance
  • Delegate will be able to provide knowledge and insight into the implementation of the fundamental principles of procurement
  • Yield improved results by implementing an effective supply chain strategy
  • Delegates will provide the organisation with the skills and instruments to improve their procurement strategyin both long term and short term
  • Improve the skills and morale of organisations employees through increased knowledge, confidence and capability

How this helps you personally?

  • Improve your ability to locate cost saving opportunities
  • A greater sense of confidence and professionalism.
  • Improved ability within negotiations and implement tactics to get the result you want
  • Increased recognition by the organization due to improved performance.
  • Understand how to apply the most optimum practices
  • Learn from the experience of other delegates and the trainer
  • Attain a strong knowledge of the principles of supply chain management
  • Add value to your knowledge and competency
  • Improve your prospective career opportunities through self-development

Course Structure

Understanding Procurement

  • Procurement and purchasing decisions
  • Vision for procurement
  • Challenges of procurement in the 21st century
  • Competitive advantage
  • The effect of the 2008 economic crisis on the supply chain
  • Procurement structure options
  • Category management definitions
  • The global supply chain
  • Case Study & Videos

Maximising value and procurement excellence

  • The roadmap to procurement excellence
  • Purchasing land supplier loop
  • Integrating different approaches
  • Outcomes from which procurement value is maximised
  • Category management and the value opportunities it creates
  • Case Study & Videos

Selection routes & Supplier sourcing

  • Discussion of traditional purchasing methods
  • The p2p and procurement cycle
  • Value and risk analysis
  • The Kraljic matrix
  • Volume concentration
  • Evaluating the best price
  • Low cost country sourcing
  • Case Study & Videos

Supplier management collaboration

  • Supplier management objectives
  • The supplier customer relationship
  • Supplier servicing
  • Supplier relationship management definitions & aims
  • Applying supplier relationship management
  • Supplier development definition & aims
  • Optimum practices in supplier development
  • Case Study & Videos

Procurement management barriers and how to overcome

  • The best methods on how to implement new ideas
  • Supply chain excellence and shareholder value
  • Professional leadership development
  • Best practices for supply chain strategy
  • A vision for the future
  • Case Study & Videos


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